CoolSculpting in Singapore? Your Best Fat Reduction Method

There are many areas of the body that are difficult or impossible to remove with exercise and healthy diet. Fat Reduction in cooling also known as cryolipolysis – is a gentle yet effective treatment for those who wish to get rid of such local “fat deposits” on the body, without having to resort to surgery. Unlike liposuction this fat removal method is safer and quite effective too.

Thanks to cryolipolysis technology (cryo means “cool” and lipolysis “breakdown of fat”) can now freeze and remove fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

The treatment is suitable for parts of the body with excess fat. Examples of therapeutic areas: muffin top, love handles, flabby arms, thighs, and double chin. Although gynecomastia (male breast) may in some cases treated. However, treatment is not designed as a weight loss method. Our clinic in Singapore we also use Cooltech based on the same principle with the cooling method to break down fat cells if you want another option.

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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that effectively, safely and permanently freezes down and eliminate fat cells and thus unwanted fat deposits from your body. More than 3.5 million treatments have been done worldwide, and the treatment is approved by the FDA. Curious about the treatment?

What results can you expect?

Fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold and by adding controlled cooling to extract energy from the fat cell and it dies. When fat cells start dying a natural process in the body that gradually reduce the fat layer thickness. The process continues for up to 4 months.

The process leads to a visible and measurable reduction of about 20-25% fat on the body part being treated. The fat cells treated are gone for good. Some patients see results as quickly as three weeks after treatment. Generally, it has achieved 80% of profit after about 2 months and for 4 months before they have a final result. Often enough one treatment – in connection with the consultation, we develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

What happens before a treatment?

At your initial consultation visit, discuss with skin therapist which treatment is best suited for your specific needs. You will receive information about what it might cost and what you can expect for results. You may also fill out a questionnaire about your health, any previous illnesses and operations. Does your consultation gynecomastia, it is a plastic surgeon who decides whether treatment with cryolipolysis Singapore is suitable because typically certain candidates do not meet the criteria to undergo this non invasive fat reduction treatment, maybe if you want to you can opt for liposuction. If you are weighing the pro and cons between coolsculpting vs liposuction please see that article to make a more informed decision.

Before and After Result – Photos, Reviews



If you decide to proceed, we book an appointment with one of our specialists. It is good if you prepare by keeping you in shape and find out as much as possible about what comes before, during and after treatment. We are always on hand to answer your questions.

You should be fully fit and not have any cold-related diagnostics, for example. fingers or toes that whitens or becomes bluish in cold or circulatory disorders. You should not be pregnant or breastfeed.

A treatment typically takes an hour. Depending on how many areas you want to treat it can take longer. It may also require multiple treatments at additional visits. You and your therapist sets up a plan together during the consultation.

How is the treatment?

Before starting treatment, your therapist to measure out and mark the area to be treated. We will also take a before picture on the area to be treated.

When treatment should start putting your processor a thin gel pad on the area to be treated. Then attached a vacuum applicator to the treatment area and the tissue drawn into applicator scale. Then start reading.

The treatment does not hurt but in the beginning you feel the cold and a powerful suction. After a while, the cold numbed skin and you usually feel nothing.

The machine has a so-called Anti-Freeze detect system which protects against freeze damage. It will be switched off automatically if the temperature gets too low.

What happens after treatment?

Usually, the convalescence period after a CoolSculpting treatment short and usually can return to their normal life immediately after treatment, but it is good to know that you can experience a difficult time after the treatment. Right after the applicator is removed, the treated area look and feel hard out and it can also be a little white. You may feel a slight nausea and a little dizzy while your body is warmed up and feeling comes back. This is normal and disappears after a few minutes.

The treated area may be red up to several hours after the applicator is removed. This gradually disappear. Bruising, swelling and tenderness may occur in the treated area and this will also disappear gradually usually within a few weeks.

A temporary cramping sensation can also occur in the treated area, which is also quite normal. It disappears within hours but can in some cases last for a few weeks. During the first few weeks, you may experience one or more symptoms in the treated area; itchy, tingling, sensitivity to touch, tenderness, numbness and muscle spasms. Contact us if you feel anxious or if the symptoms is more than 2 weeks.

Important to remember is that if you gain weight after treatment, so the result will be less visible. By holding a healthy diet and physical activity that helps prevent unintentional weight gain.
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Cool Tech? Another alternative you might try

Cool Tech is based on the same principle as CoolSculpting i.e to kill fat cells using cold but the treatments are different part and usually requires two to three treatments to achieve the desired effect

The effect of a Cooltech treatment is reinforced by you during the first month after treatment, drink plenty of water and increases your metabolism through brisk walking or jogging. The first results can sometimes start seen for 2-3 weeks but is important to remember, however, that the process will continue up to three months after treatment and the final result can be seen, therefore after about 90 days.

Studies show that cryolipolysis can reduce up to 23.8% fat. Sometimes more than one treatment may be required to achieve the desired end result and the same area can be treated up to 3 times by at least 8 weeks. With Cool Tech share therefore the treatment of several opportunities for a more limited cost per treatment and an easier convalescence.

CoolSculpting vlog – day 4 inner thighs

Hey babes. Today is a bit of a Vlog of day 4 of the coolsculpting procedure I had done on my inner thighs. On the whole I’m feeling good. But in this video I show you the areas I had treated and talk about it in further detail.

If you have any more questions visit below and if you want to read more about my previous procedure and see photos head to

how much did you pay for the inner thighs and how long was the treatment for each thigh?

so how this happen in the first place and could it happen to anyone what signs to look for

is this a female thing or anybody and how do you sleep at night or day any discomfort also how bout when your make love to your boyfriend does it hurt to do any sexual acts and if you go to the gym and workout does it bother you and can other people notice it

CoolSculpting of Outer Thigh Fat & Saddlebags

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical and completely non-invasive treatment for permanent fat removal. It freezes fat away with its patented one-of-a-kind technology known as cryolipolysis. In this video, CoolSculpting is performed on the outer thigh fat, also known as the saddlebags.

CoolSculpting is performed at Jandali Plastic Surgery in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shareef Jandali marks all patients and directly oversees each treatment for optimal results.

I’m sure she’s happy with the results! Just want to say though, some men like a little hip fat…

Does Smart Lipo Work | Laser Liposuction | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

Learn what’s so special about Smart Lipo laser liposuction in this new video from Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. Visit us online at

Our team of plastic and cosmetic surgeons has years of experience artfully sculpting patients using liposuction. When the FDA approved Smart Lipo, we began offering this new laser technology.

Not only is laser lipo gentler on the tissues, but it produces much smoother body contouring results than traditional liposuction.

Laser liposuction (laser lipolysis) can be used on just about any area of the body, large or small. With the added advantage of skin tightening, Smartlipo is able to slim, smooth, and tighten the neck, arms, hips, waist, back and bra strap bulge, armpit fat, thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, or ankles.

Men with gynecomastia can count on laser lipo to rid their chest of unwanted fat due to the condition (along with manual excision of breast glands, where needed).

Come in for a free consultation to see if laser liposculpture is right for you. With offices in Commack, Long Island & Manhattan, NYC we are close by. Our plastic surgery center in Long Island is AAAHC Accredited.

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What Is Liposuction – Results and Side Effects of Liposuction

What Is Liposuction – Results and Side Effects of Liposuction – For More Top Trending Videos Visit:

Liposuction is a procedure that is used to remove excess areas of fat from the body. Everyone is genetically predisposed to having a certain body shape due to genes. Many people have particular areas they feel are out of proportion to the rest of their body. Some may have areas of the thighs, hips, belly, or buttocks that are out of balance with the rest of the body.

Using the liposuction procedure you can help correct these problem areas that diet alone has been unable to do. A common question often asked, “is liposuction permanent?” The answer is,
when fat cells are removed from the body they are unable to regenerate there. However, if you gain of lose additional weight the remaining fat cells are still able to grow or decrease. What does stay constant is your new body shape, in a bigger or smaller version.

The aim of liposuction is frequently to strive for the hourglass shape. It is often considered the most attractive body shape for females. Liposuction is not a procedure intended for weight loss. It really is meant to balance the body composition.

During your consultation you will need to provide your full medical history. It is important to tell your doctor your past medical problems. A detailed medical history is necessary to determine your level of health and fitness.

During the examination phase it is natural to feel a little uncomfortable. At this time you will tell the doctor the areas of your body that give you concern. There the doctor will be able to objectively provide feedback and treatment options. Treating one area by itself can impact other areas of the body. For this reason it is important to have an exam to receive best results.

Areas of the body where liposuction is effective:

– Abdomen/belly
– Outer thighs (saddlebags)
– Inner thighs
– Inner knees
– Breasts
– Gynecomastia (male breast tissue)
– Hips
– Back
– Pubis
– Calves
– Flanks (love handles)
– Upper arms
– chin
– bellow the chin/neck
– Cheeks

Common side effects:

Temporary swelling
Numbness to the area
Minor scarring around incision site
Baggy skin that usually tightens over time

Less common side effects:

Skin color changes
Nerve damage
Skin damage
Uneven skin surface or treated region

Medical Disclaimer
Please consult your physician or health care provider for guidance about a specific medical condition. These videos and articles are not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Surgery & Medical Education Center does not endorse any surgery, treatment, or procedure discussed here.

The information found in these videos and resources are for information purposes only. This information is not to be used for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Information found here should not be considered patient education. In addition it does not provide any patient to physician relationship.

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New You Lipo i-Lipo Instant Results Non-Invasive Pain-Free Body Fat Loss FDA Approved

At New You Lipo, we specialize in LipoLaser body toning and fat reduction treatment to help maximize an individual’s weight loss needs. i-Lipo body contouring is a very successful treatment solution to jump-start or finish the different types of individual weight loss programs.

i-Lipo Body Contouring is a revolutionary new solution for fat reduction and body sculpting! i-Lipo body contouring allows individuals to target stubborn fat areas without surgery, pain, and recovery time. Depending on the individual, the results can be instant!

i-Lipor body sculpting treatment is designed to reduce body fat and perform body contouring without pain, needles, and down time. It is a non-invasive approach to inch and fat loss that helps reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite and targets stubborn fat areas such as, love handles, upper arms, abdomen, buttock, chin, saddlebags, and thighs. There is no surgery involved and it is completely safe and pain-free. For more information and to find a treatment center, visit

How To Get Rid of Belly Fat with Zerona Laser Fast Fat Loss

How To Get Rid of Belly Fat with Zerona Laser. This is a proven way to lose weight fast without exercise by fat removal without surgery. The Zerona laser answers the question “does laser lipo work”. Dr. John Joyce of Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center will show you laser lipo before and after photo results as seen on Dr. Oz, Night-line, Bravo, The Doctors, The Early Show on CBS, Extra, Good Day, LA, and The Rachael Ray Show. Make sure to enter the contest to win a FREE Full Body Massage from Joyce Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, home of the Zerona Laser. The Zenona Laser is the standard in fat removal without surgery.

ZERONA Laser Fat Reduction. Lose up to 9.5 inches in just 2 weeks.

Zerona can help you lose up to 9.5 inches in two weeks with no surgery.
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Inch-Loss with Zero Downtime, Zero Pain, Zero Recovery…that’s ZERONA!
Medical Group’s Body-Contouring Program, our patients can now take advanage of ZERONA, a non-surgical breakthrough alternative to liposuction. The 100% painless process requires six 40-minute treatments performed over the course of two weeks. There is no pain, no swelling, no needles, no bruising and no recovery time. Normal activity resumes immediately.
The most commonly treated areas are the lower abdomen (belly), flanks (love-handles), buttocks and thighs. Other treatment areas can include the neck, arms, back and knees.

Every patient treated thus far with Zerona at ONLY Group in Singapore has lost inches. High demand for this long-awaited, non-invasive procedure has drastically reduced the number of treatment slots available. Call 6235 4434 or 6235 5415, or email today for more information or to schedule a consultation or check treatment time-slots

“The future of liposuction, a brand new laser called ZERONA®. It zaps away fat without the bruising, scars or downtime.”
The Doctors

Liposuction before and after smart lipo


Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
3 Winslow Place
Paramus, New Jersey 07652

Follow my experience from initial consult to final result as I undergo Tumescent smart lipo liposuction surgery in Paramus, New Jersey Bregen County.

Hi. Welcome to Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. I’m going to be having liposuction surgery, aka liposculpture surgery smart lipo today in a couple different areas. So he’s going to to perform arm liposuction back here and abdominal lipo around my waist. The lovely love handles area, a little tummy liposuction and a little back liposuction. Thigh liposculpture around my outer thighs, and inner thigh liposuction a little bit. It’s to contour those areas where I have a little bit more padding.

The interesting thing about claudia is she is one of my employees at my Gartner Plastic Surgery center. I’ve known her for over six years now. We’ve worked in New Jersey together for a long time and she is probably the last person I would’ve thought that would of been interested in smart lipo liposuction just because she’s been seeing thousands of lipo surgery patients come and go and since she’s been working with me pretty much exclusively for the last several months I think she has seen I’ve had many types of liposuction patients who are very satisfied, very happy with their liposuction before and after results.

Getting to see Dr. Gartner’s lipo surgery patients. Getting to see how he interacts with his patients as a liposuction specialist. Seeing his patients before and after liposuction results. I feel very comfortable with him. I mean Smart Lipo is a very private procedure and it is kind of intimate. You’ve got to trust your liposuction doctor and you’ve got to have that bond. I’ve had the opportunity to be around him for years. I’ve seen him in the operating room. I’ve seen him with his patients before and after liposuction. I’m comfortable with him being my liposuction doctor. Very much so. He is a liposuction specialist.

For claudia we performed tumescent smart lipo liposuction of the abdominal area, stomach, of the waist, the lower back,and then the inner and outer thighs. We first started by addressing her abdominal area. That for her was one of her primary concerns. We initially did that and then performed liposculpture on the flanks or the love handle area and the lower back. We actually turned her completely on her side so we could really get in to lipo her lower back. Really give her some assemblance of a waist, somewhat of a shape. That takes a little longer but i think it is really an important thing for any patient who wants to really address this area well. It also allows us to see how the skin sits, how the tissues fall, because when they’re laying flat you can be fooled and when I do a liposuction procedure I take it very seriously and I want to make sure that we’re seeing everything from all true angles that would be replicated when someone is standing up.

It’s been a couple weeks since claudia had smart lipo liposuction. Pretty much all her swelling is gone. I think there is maybe a little more liposuction recovery time to go but 95 percent of it is gone. She looks great. What’s nice is when prospective lipo patients call she can show them her liposuction before and after results, or even tell them on the phone. It’s one thing to have seen all these liposuction procedures. To actually have gone through it, had Liposculpture in New Jersey, you can actually empathize with the patient. What you’re saying is actually correct. If someone is telling you something it’s one thing, but if in fact they had it done then there’s some credibility there. Oh my god you have shrunk up a lot.

I would definitely getsmart lipo liposculpture again. I have no hesitation saying that even though there’s pain afterwords. Even though there was a time during my liposuction recovery when I was swollen. I would easily get lipo surgery again just because I feel so much more comfortable now. Looking back i kind of almost wish I would have thought about having lipo surgery sooner. It’s amazing how much fat can be removed with liposuction in New Jersey.

Dramatically there is a huge change in my clothing. Dramatically there is a huge change when I put on a swimsuit. I feel it as well even just in the way that my body feels right now. It’s a lot tighter. I don’t have any of those little insecurities. Even when I bend over I don’t have that bunch on the side. Where we usually have that little love handle.

I’ve always been pretty social and I’ve always kind of had a confidence behind me. Now it’s like a little boost there. I don’t do certain things like that now. Now I’m just pretty comfortable just being me.


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Paramus, New Jersey 07652
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