CoolSculpting vlog – day 4 inner thighs

Hey babes. Today is a bit of a Vlog of day 4 of the coolsculpting procedure I had done on my inner thighs. On the whole I’m feeling good. But in this video I show you the areas I had treated and talk about it in further detail.

If you have any more questions visit below and if you want to read more about my previous procedure and see photos head to

how much did you pay for the inner thighs and how long was the treatment for each thigh?

so how this happen in the first place and could it happen to anyone what signs to look for

is this a female thing or anybody and how do you sleep at night or day any discomfort also how bout when your make love to your boyfriend does it hurt to do any sexual acts and if you go to the gym and workout does it bother you and can other people notice it

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