Dr. Bauman’s Zerona laser melts fat. No surgery. No pain. No recovery. FDA-Approved!!

Bauman Medical Group patient Jody Jack loses inches in just days using breakthrough laser treatment called Zerona. Zerona is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. For more information on Zerona, email doctorb@baumanmedical.com or visit http://www.bocalipo.com

One of the most frequent comments we get is “Why did Jody choose this procedure, she’s not overweight.” And, actually, that’s kind of the point of the treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment to help relatively ‘fit’ patients lose some inches off of problem areas in two or three weeks. It is NOT a weight loss program for obesity.

In our experience with Zerona since 2008, patients who have had the best results are those who are somewhat physically active and in generally good health.

If you do not move around (e.g. exercise), and do not follow good nutrition, this may not be the treatment for you. You are unlikely to get exceptional results if your body cannot burn off or otherwise get rid of the fat that is released from the cells.

However, if you are working on a healthy lifestyle or would like to really kick-start one, Zerona can really help you lose inches fast. In clinical trials and in ‘real life,’ our patients will typically lose anywhere from three to nine inches of total combined circumference. Most Boca patients will do three weeks of treatments (nine visits).

To see if you are a candidate, I recommend contacting us for a realistic evaluation of your situation. After three years with this device, I can tell you that we turn patients away ALL THE TIME.

Breaking News: The FDA has now cleared the Zerona (Erchonia ML Scanner) for safety and efficacy in fat reduction, inch loss and fat cell disruption.

20 thoughts on “Dr. Bauman’s Zerona laser melts fat. No surgery. No pain. No recovery. FDA-Approved!!

  1. @SAMMIEISCOOL1 Great to hear! If you live in South Florida, we are in nearby Boca Raton. –Dr. B.

  2. @joanota Research shows that the laser triggers the formation of pores (openings) in the fat cell membranes around the body's circumference. The contents of the fat cells leak out into the space between the cells. Under a microscope the fat cells go from looking like grapes to looking like raisins. The body then reabsorbs the fat and either uses it as energy (metabolizes it) or excretes it. Inches are lost as the fat cells shrink, just like if you were on a diet or exercise regimen.

  3. @joanota
    lolz ur comment made me laugh haha thanks xD i was wondering the same thing haha

  4. @StarKiller00123 Exercise? Who needs exercise when you have Zerona? LOL… Seriously, though, we treat many patients here at Bauman Medical who have a very good exercise and nutritional regimen, yet want to lose some stubborn inches without surgery. You won't maintain the Zerona inch-loss unless you have good nutrition and activity/exercise habits. If you sit on the couch with burger/fries in hand, Zerona is NOT for you, sorry! 

  5. This is a revolutionary tool and everything but it's sorta costly considering all you're doing is sitting under a laser. 

  6. I can't believe I even watched this . . . more hype that'll be here today and gone tomorrow. Nothing beats a good diet and a little exercise. If you're fat, it's because you're lazy and eat too damn much. Period.

  7. @niptonitesMom I agree, diet and exercise can go a long way, but for many with stubborn areas Zerona is helpful. If you combine a healthy lifestyle with Zerona… AWESOME results! –Dr. B.

  8. @rickross22 Research on the effects of Low Level Laser Therapy on fat cells has revealed the mechanism of action of Zerona that causes them to shrink…. it's not placebo.

  9. Jodi Jack does not need that treatment! Why didn't they show a heavier woman so I could actually see the results.

  10. Hello Dr B … does your office have any discount .. Paying more then 1500 $ is way too much. ppl like me can only Dream .. I'm having a tuff time buying food alone but anyways Please let me know .. thanks

  11. I agree with prettygirl! Show a real size woman with real body issues! And no im not a heavy woman,but I do know some!

  12. or genetics, or maybe can't move, but I completely agree, diet and exercise are your best bet, try a little DISCIPLINE: i.e. choosing between what you want to do now, and what you want most. Keep that in mind and the world is yours, of course with the work behind the mindset as a driving force

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