Lipo/Fat Transfer to Butt: Final Results & TUMMY TUCK in FEB!

Here are my final results 7 months postop from my Liposuction to my love handles and fat transfer to butt. Feel free to contact me via email Subscribe to follow me on my new journey. Tummy Tuck / Fat Trasnfer to Butt. February 4th is the surgery date.

20 thoughts on “Lipo/Fat Transfer to Butt: Final Results & TUMMY TUCK in FEB!

  1. "A pink one not a black one" Haha that was cute you are an amazing and very brave woman ! God bless you

  2. U broads r so pathetic. Paying all that money to look like a bad NATURAL broad. Lol. Sad. Working out is free. At least your fake booty don't look dumb. Sad it's still fake

  3. It would definitely be nice to be content with what the good lord gave us (or didnt give us haha). I did my time at the gym (still do). After 2 babies & weight loss i had a lot of lose skin & I got a tummy tuck because i CAN! I was born with a flat ass & got a fat transfer so i can have a little something, because i CAN! Im not hurting anyone. We do this for our selves. Dont be mad cuz you're broke 🙂 

  4. I'm broke?! U think I don't have some stacks in my account buddy? Chiiiiiiill. After some kids I can deal with the tummy tuck the breast lift and the vag rejuvenation to get things back right. But these booty shots look crazy. Half the time it doesn't fit the girls body and it look like they rockin pampers. Even a bitch with some real money like t.i's wife Tammy…..straight huggies all day.

  5. Thank you so much for your vids.. I'm getting a lipo/transfer end of Sept. Now I feel better. I was a little nervous.
    Getting work done Because I CAN too! Lol
    3 it!!!

  6. +Titilayo Asunbo yes I still think that exercise is way better than a surgery!It might cost a lot of money plus its not safe you know. Good thing I found this famous site that offers cellulite removal.I tried it myself and it works after a short period of time.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am more motivated to go forth with the process!!!

  8. when u get a bbl its not a fake ass, a fake ass is when u have the plastic shit n silcone stuff put into ur ass, when its ur body fat that aint fake cause as u age n stuff it changes too smh. plzs inform me how the hell it is fake

  9. Thank you for sharing ! Always remember happy people lift others up n misery loves company ⭐️you look great n that's all that matters ⭐️ not only are you helping others by sharing your experience but you also beautiful from with in ⭐️ so keep it up ⭐️

  10. Are you putting more fat in your butt of leaving it alone. I like your end results. Your butt looks a lot better now and even though it isn't a huge butt is a nice shapely one. So ignore haters

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