ZERONA Laser Fat Reduction. Lose up to 9.5 inches in just 2 weeks.

Zerona can help you lose up to 9.5 inches in two weeks with no surgery.
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Inch-Loss with Zero Downtime, Zero Pain, Zero Recovery…that’s ZERONA!
Medical Group’s Body-Contouring Program, our patients can now take advanage of ZERONA, a non-surgical breakthrough alternative to liposuction. The 100% painless process requires six 40-minute treatments performed over the course of two weeks. There is no pain, no swelling, no needles, no bruising and no recovery time. Normal activity resumes immediately.
The most commonly treated areas are the lower abdomen (belly), flanks (love-handles), buttocks and thighs. Other treatment areas can include the neck, arms, back and knees.

Every patient treated thus far with Zerona at ONLY Group in Singapore has lost inches. High demand for this long-awaited, non-invasive procedure has drastically reduced the number of treatment slots available. Call 6235 4434 or 6235 5415, or email today for more information or to schedule a consultation or check treatment time-slots

“The future of liposuction, a brand new laser called ZERONA®. It zaps away fat without the bruising, scars or downtime.”
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